Important Info!

Hi, everyone!  Just a couple of things:

1. I just sent you a very important email, so please be sure to read it.  It contains some important info for next week — and an Extra Credit opportunity.

2. Congrats to Lydia!  Dr. Jordan chose her miniature world as the prize winner!  Those of you who dropped your projects off to be considered for the prize can come and pick them up from my office during office hours on Monday or Wednesday.


Workshop is Here!!

Hi, all!

Remember that you must post the draft of your final portfolio for workshop by 11:59pm on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 29.

For workshop (including posting) instructions, click here: Workshop Instructions

Updates, Adjustments, Suggestions (and a picture of an adorable crab)……

1. I just finished going through all the blogs and comments again.  If you post any comments after this point (or if you’ve posted one in the last 90 minutes), please be sure to put it on your “Blog Comments” page.  [I guess I should clarify that I wrote this on Thursday afternoon.  So, I should be up-to-date on posts through about 3:00pm on Thursday, 2.2.]

The best set-up for that page would be for you to either date the comments on just put “Week Two” and list all your comments for that week.  We are currently in Week 4 of the semester.

Remember: I will be giving Extra Credit to anyone who creates a “Blog Comments” page.  You guys are awesome for rolling with this adjustment.  (If you don’t want to do a comment page for EC, just respond to this post telling me that so I can look for your comments on the blogs.  Otherwise, I’ll just assume you’re creating a page.)

2. Lots of you are doing a fantastic job on the blogs.  Below are 3 I’d like to highlight this week.  Check them out!

a. Tyler Key:

b. Ernest Ricks:

b. Kelsey Brown:

3. Questions?  Concerns?  Post them below!

Important Announcements about Your Blogs

Hi, all.

1. I’ve noticed that several of you haven’t created the required pages on your blog and/or haven’t been posting your assignments on the correct pages.  Please fix this as soon as possible.  Assignments that are not on the correct pages will not be graded (that is, they will receive zeroes).  (Just a reminder: The guidelines for creating pages can be found here: 365 Project.)

2. Please also remember that you should have three posts for your 365 project this week, as well as three posts on your classmates’ 365 projects.  For a good example of a comment, go to Sean Jepson’s blog and check out Jena’s comment (littletreeinme) on his first post about haikus.  This is the kind of comment that will receive credit.

3. Please remember that the content on your blog must be yours and it must have been created for this class.  You should not be using things you’ve already done.

4. Some of you have outstanding posts so far.  Some you might want to look at as you’re getting yours up to code:







These aren’t the only good ones, of course, but they are good examples of what I’m looking for.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

What’s Your Blog Name and Address?

Post your name, your blog name, and the actual url in the comment section of this post.  Be sure to do this promptly, since I can’t grade anything you do until I have your address (and thus, you can’t get any credit).